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PMX matcher
4 channel phase shifter
ESC power supply
ESC power supply for Lam TCP
(Compatible item)
Control rack for an epi equipment


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Multi channel phase shifter

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4 channel phase shifter
4 channel phase shifter
(without display)


Closed Loop method

It detects the matching network’s output phase then feedbacks to the phase control circuit, and makes and controls the phase difference and standard signals into the random values.



Power supply voltage
Single AC 100 ~ 240 (free power supply) 20/60Hz
99 (height) X 483mm (width) X 450mm (length) : able to place into a rack.
Phase control range
0 ~ 360 degree each channels individual settings
Phase setting method
Set by rotation knob on the front panel
Control method
Open loop method/Closed loop metho
Control method
13.56MHz. Based on the power input from the RF power supply´s external frequency.
Phase input signal
Voltage phase signal which from the power output via the attenuator.
Phase difference display:20 figures, 4 lines with English and number display (option)
Phase lock display:LED lamp (green) for each channels
Phase display range:0 ~ 360 degrees
Phase display resolution:1 degree
Phase display measurement:+/- 0.5% of the measured value, +/- 1digit




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