Monitor display

  • We repair monitors with ones’ manufacturer service warrantee expired.
  • The display is built into another machine (i.e. a larger manufacturing machine).
  • We repair displays using many devices such as CRT, LCD EL. We also repair a single display, built-in monitors and more.


monitor01 monitor02 monitor03
CRT display
LCD display
EL display



About out repair service

orico works with you along with our engineers as a team to find and understand the nature of your difficulty in order to reach a better solution.


  • Requirements for repair service
    • A malfunctioned machine
    • A document that explains the problems
  • Additional information is very helpful for our engineers
    • The operation manuals or information about the monitors
    • Circuit diagram or spec information
    • Maintenance parts or building materials
  • We have a wide variety of substitute monitors
    In case after our comprehensive analysis we come to the conclusion that the monitor is beyond repair, we would like to propose the best alternative monitor based on the analysis.



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