Re-use of quartz

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Quartz is considered a disposable item because it is etched and also because stain from chemical solution on its surface over certain period usage.
We had successfully developed the technology brings your quartz to renew with better quality than a new.
Please contact us for further detail for more about rebirth of quartz and other products.



Diffusion and web process related

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Wafer board
Wafer board
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Washing tank
Reaction tube
Quartz glass wool



Dry etcher and Asher related

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Quartz ring
Focus ring
Shield ring
Quartz ring
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Endpoint Window
P Boat
Quartz screw
Quartz cell
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Other quartz products
Ceramic jig



What is rebirth of quartz?

Renewing quartz is recycling and reproducing new quartz glass products from discarded ones

Recycling is a key nowadays in many different businesses due to the global environmental issues.

Our partner company’s technology go further more than just recycling, it produces better quality items. It is Koshin’s original Perfect Renewing Technology.


What is Perfect Renewing Technology?

The original melting method can remove much foreign matters.
* Upgraded the flame process machines makes remaking melting more than 100 Celsius higher than previous machine. This brings to remove foreign matters much more. As it repeats the renewing process more stain are removed. Thus this Perfect Renewing Technology successfully produces high purified quartz more than new ones.

Polishing technology makes no stain build up
For those parts which are being etched and considered as waste, we completely grind the reflecting sides’. This brings NEW LAYER with no foreign substance.

Combination of these two technologies is Perfect Renewing Technology which makes better quality, better than new products.


Before the process (used item)
arrow01 After the process
A Belljar with stains caused by the chemicals.   Clear and better quality, with restore measurements after the Perfect Renewing Technology.



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