Environmental Philosophy




[ Our approach ]

On 2005 we had enacted our environmental policies.
Each branches and offices perform business operation followed by the policies. At April 2006 we received a certification of ECO-STASGE in accordance with ISO14001.
With this we are able to response for the customers’ ECO minded purchasing.
Torico forwards to preserve and improve our environment by preservation of resources and less energy business activities.


[ Our statemen ]

We follow the below statement and continue the organization activities to keep the harmony with the environment so that every creatures on the planet shall keep own healthy and safety lives.


[ Action statement ]

  1. Less energy use and preservation of resources
    We use the energy and resources efficiently so that it protects the environment and safety.
  2. Less wastes
    To prevent pollution and harmless to the environment, we pay much effort to 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle)
  3. Follow the environmental compliances
    We follow and respect regulations to protect our natural environment.
  4. Educate the environmental issues
    We encourage and educate our employees about the environmental issues and how to protect. We also provide related information to our customers and partners as a part of our environmental activities.
  5. Serving to communities by our recycling business
    We repair and encourage reusing and recycling manufacturing machines and medical equipments. We encourage a society with environmentally friendly by out reuse business activities.
  6. Sustainable our environmental management
    We built our environmental management and review it periodically to keep our eco-policy is updated. We announce the information to all our employees and general public.



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