Torico’s Repair Solution


As of January 1st, 2000, Torico launched a new repair business service specializing in industrial instruments, including print circuit boards, monitor screens, and RF power supplies. Our repair service has grown strongly as we continue to introduce new electronic repair devices based on our intense marketing analysis, such as mechanism units and motors. In addition to this, we have started strategic business alliances with our partner companies in order to increase the quality of our service.


Originally our business network was set up to repair wafer transporting robots, processing and recycling quartz products, and manufacturing and selling exposure specialized lights.

Working together with our partner companies we are now able to provide comprehensive business support to our customers and deliver products in a timely manner.


We, Torico, believe our repair solution service can help improve your business.



Repair Solution Service Products

  • Print Circuit Board
  • RF/DC Power Supply
  • Matching Network
  • Robot Pre-Aligner
  • Recycling of quartz
  • Motors
  • Monitor display
  • Chiller
  • Upgrade Program
  • Rinser Dryer
  • Customized Products OEM supply


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