Robot and Pre-Aligner

Torico also provides overhaul and repair service vacuum robots in addition to atmospheric robots for semi-conductor/LC production. Please contact us for any inquires.


robot01 robot02 robot03 robot04
Vacuum robots
Atmospheric robots



Vacuum robots Atmospheric robots
Brooks Automation Brooks Automation
  • MAG7 *
  • MTR5 *
  • VTR5
  • MAG70
  • Mag70 Power Supply
  • Repairs for arms
  • ATM204
  • PRI ATM107
  • PRI ATM407B
  • PRI 105
Asyst Technology
  • UTC series *
  • UTX series
  • UTW series
  • OF250 *

* These are in our stock. We are able to replace with short leading time



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