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Anderson Power Products is an industry leader in the manufacture of high current quick-disconnect power connectors and provides a variety of interconnect solutions for the materials handling, telecommunications, medical, power electronics and other industries. Our connectors are available from 10 to 700 Volts continuous, AC or DC operation. We are well known for our ability to develop creative solutions for our customers’ power interconnect requirements. We are flexible and will make modifications to standard products or develop complete custom solutions to satisfy particular customers’ needs.



Power Pole
  • Flat wiping contact system
  • Interchangeable Genderless design
  • Colored, Mudular housings
  • Polarized housings
  • Wide product range  from 10amps through 180amps
  • UL94 V-0 housing material
  • Color coding
  • Mechanical voltage keys
  • Flat wiping contacts
  • Designed for the common contact forms
  • Auxiliary pin contacts  SBE, SBO, SBX
  • Touch safe  SBE, SBO, SBS™
PCB Connectors
  • Printed circuit board mounted
  • Quick disconnect
  • Tin/Silver plated for solder-ability
  • Fully insulated housing
  • Multiple color-coding and keying options available
  • Straight and right angle terminal
Power Pak Connectors
  • UL94 V-0 housing materials of contacts
  • Variety of Powerpole Colors
  • Variety of contacts
  • Make first break last, pin & socket connectors
  • Flat wiping contact system
  • Blindmating housings
Power Mod HP Series
  • 210 to 450amps UL rating
  • Positive latching
  • Available in straight, right angle, panel mount, blind mate and bus bar styles
  • Touch safe female connectors
  • Polarized dual pole connectors with optional hex key
  • Strain relief option
  • Low connector mating forces
  • Silver plated, high conductivity contacts
  • Ease of assembly
Power Mod
  • High performance #16 contact
  • Mechanical polarized housings
  • PCB, panel or cable mounting
  • Rated to 30amps per IEC512-3 test 5a
  • Up to four pin contact lengths can be specified to create make first/break last and make last/ break first circuits
Power Drawer
  • Industry standard contacts
  • Wide selection of contact termination
  • First-mate and last mate capability
  • Optional floating mount
Power Clip Connectors
  • High 300a current ration
  • Mates with .125” flat bus bar blade
  • Hot pluggable contact
  • UL and CUR recognized
Euro Battery Connectors
  • Streamlined design
  • 3 hexagonal voltage coding
  • Pins for wet, dry/gel and air supply
  • two main contacts, four auxiliary contacts, voltage key and air supply
  • Wide variety product line
  • Able to mate/unmate at the usage site
  • A key with user’s selection
  • Unique housing design to avoid mistakenly mating
  • Cost saving for assembly and parts
  • For crimping: 1387G1, 1387G2
  • For hydraulic crimping: 1370, 1387G3
  • For crimping: 1367G1

This connector system is ideal for use in DC server or any devise connecting directly to renewable energy sources such as Solar or Wind power. The Saf-D-Grid connector system meets international safety requirements for low voltage application to 400VDC including UL950 and IEC60950.

  • Touch safe
  • Arcing protection
  • Hot plug rated
  • First mate, last break ground contact
  • Intergral latch

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