Torico proudly introduces LED product line. The fluorescent lights commonly being used at an office, a store, factories and sign boards are found to consume more energy than LED and known more CO2 is produced.
Our LED lights, Aslight, last approximately 40,000 hours life. This means that you can save more on the maintenance and replacing costs, especially for replacing can be found the most costly for the maintenance items. For electricity consumption is less than half as it compare with a fluorescent light. We also offer the LED lights which suitable to use to bring the real color of fresh vegetables and meat.



led01 led02
LED lights

   Size     metal cap

2,400mm  R17D

1200mm  G13

600mm  G13


With a 1,200mm LED light lights up 630 Lux direct under one meter. We also offer 2,400mm LED, U shaped LED and LED light bulb.

Lotus shaped Asulight

Eco friendly LED light. The life cycle is ten times more than a fluorescent light, 8,000 ~ 10,000 hours.


asulight03 asulight04 asulight05 asulight06
asulight07 asulight08 asulight09 asulight10
asulight11 asulight12 asulight13 asulight14
asulight15 asulight16 asulight17 asulight18
asulight19 asulight20 asulight21  




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