We repair and overhaul to solve your problems like leaking from pipes and plumbers, insufficient flows, temperature dysregulation, decline of cooling/heating capability.


  1. Replacing or repair the problem pumps. (Ex. To change seamless pumps, to replace the domestic standard products.)
  2. Repair or exchange the cooling units. (Changing refrigerant gas - New refrigerant or cleaning the cooling units plumbers.)
  3. Upgrading pipes and plumbers to stainless steel. (Protecting from corrosion.)
  4. Changing the mechanical units, heating units and heaters, to stainless steel. (Protecting from corrosion.)
  5. Full overhaul the chiller.


chiller01 chiller02 chiller03
SMC INR-341-42A
NESLABHX-150 (Blue)



Examples for repair, remodel of different types of machines

  1. AMJ’s heat exchanger (AMAT-0/AMAT-1) repair and remodel
    • Changing the pump (including seamless pumps), the heaters and the plumbers to stainless steel made.
    • Built the water cooling units, DI sensors.
    • Changing the specification AMA-0 ANAT-1 (low temperature to high temperature spec.)
  2. NESLAB’s HX-150 repair and remodel
    • Exchanging the cooling units (such as changing from R22 cooling gas R407)
    • Changing the pumps. (stainless steel made, seamless pumps)
    • Changing the brine pump to stainless steel made (heat resistance rubber made flexible line stainless steel made flexible pipes.)
  3. SMC’s chiller (INR-341 series) repair and remodel
    • Exchanging cooling units (changing the refrigerant gas R12 R407C/R22 R404A)
      * We do exchange the heating units, expansion valve and cleaning the cooling units’ pipes if necessary for this repair and remodeling.
    • Exchanging the pumps. (The original parts/brass made stainless steel made)
    • Upgrading the brine pipes and the heaters to stainless steel made, and exchanging the electromagnetic valves, pressure gauges and temperature sensors)
  4. SMC’s chiller (INR-499 series) repair
    • Exchanging the cooling units, heaters, pumps and temperature sensors (Genuine parts).
  5. RISSHI’s circulator (CS-750W-4) repair and remodel
    • Exchanging the freezing units (refrigerating gas R22 is applied), the pumps, the heaters and pressure gauges.
      * Based on the customer requests, big change of cooling capability is not acceptable, we replaced the parts good for R22 cooling gas which is the same as the original parts.
  6. RISSHI’s circulator (CS-1500UL-2KS) repair and remodel
    • Exchanging the freezing units, the pumps and the heaters.
    • Performed the full overhaul.

We do repair more types and manufactures. (Ex; Daikin, Sanei Giken, Shinwa, Nishiyama Industries, CKD, Orion, Sunrise Industries, etc)



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